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About Us

Our Family

Welcome to Sweetapple Motors!  We think car buying should be fun, transparent and anxiety free.  We want to show consumers they have a dealer they can count on!  That is why we trust in Carfax and the vehicle history reports they provide. Knowing a vehicles history is key.  We partner with CarGurus to independently validate the price of each and every car we sell.  We partner with TrueCar because they reinvented car buying.  Being a TrueCar Certified Dealer gives you the confidence that our prices are fair and honest.  We also partnered with Pep Boys for vehicle inspections and service.  As a trusted, local auto service center, you can count on Pep Boys for all of your vehicle service needs. 

Our Philosophy

New car sales are booming, and strong demand has pushed the average new car transaction price to the highest it's ever been! The answer to this is buying a used car. The question is which one to buy? We recommend used cars based on 4 criteria - Safety, Reliability/Longevity, Value for Dollar and Clean title/Clean Carfax.  

Safety is #1 and many vehicles are now equipped with advanced safety systems, so you can feel confident that your family is safe.  We look for vehicles with great reputations for reliability/longevity. We want to get our monies worth from it, a vehicle that keeps going and going. We work hard for our money, we want the most we can get for it.  Anyone can tell you the first 4-5 years is the most expensive part of a car, it takes its largest depreciation during this time. So, buying a used vehicle at least 4-5 years old will leave you with the best value in a vehicle. Back in the day, everyone said you needed to get rid of a car when the warranty ran out at 36,000 miles. Now today, most cars will go 100,000 miles, then there are some makes, some models that will run reliably for 200,000 miles, 250,000 miles or more. These are the ones that provide the best value for your dollar. All vehicles need to have clean titles and clean Carfax reports.  We don't want any problems creeping in from a past accident. 

Just ask yourself, if you know the vehicle is Safe, if someone else can pay for the huge depreciation hit on the car, you know you are buying something accident free (clean Carfax/clean title) and still has plenty of miles to give you (250,000 mile vehicle), wouldn't you be getting the best deal out there? These are the cars Sweetapple Motors like to sell.  We want you to be the happiest customer out there. This will bring you back to buy another one and allow you the confidence to recommend us to your friends and family. Become part of the Sweetapple Motors family of customers.  Give us a call or stop by for your next car.  

Our Values

We are a family owned dealership, we are looking to provide value for dollar to those that are looking for their next vehicle.

With years of experience in the car business, our dealership is dedicated to offering high-quality, pre-owned vehicles to our customers.

Our goal is for you to be so delighted with your vehicle purchase that you'll come see us when you need your next car and will happily recommend us to friends and family.  Customer referrals are the ultimate compliment.

With many vehicle shopping options available, we differentiate ourselves by treating you like family.  

Feel free to browse our inventory online.  If you see a vehicle you like, submit an online request, or give us a call to schedule a test drive.

To learn more about our dealership and how we can help with your next vehicle purchase, please call or stop by in person.  We look forward to meeting you.

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