Sweetapple Motors is different!

We believe customers come first. We know buying a used car can feel stressful. At Sweetapple Motors we aim to provide a totally different kind of shopping experience. We think car buying should be fun, transparent and anxiety free. We want to show consumers they have a dealer they can count on! With a good selection of quality brands, competitive pricing and positive customer reviews, you can feel confident that we will do everything possible to get you into your dream car at a dream price.

Sweetapple Motors equals honesty!

Reasons to buy from Sweetapple Motors

1. Each vehicle undergoes a thorough inspection before it is put up for sale. Everything from how the car performs on the road, to the vehicle history, to the engine and underside of the car are carefully checked and examined before the car is approved for sale. Feel confident knowing that any prior vehicle issues have been diagnosed and resolved before you even see the car.

2. No need to haggle. Our internet price is posted at or below market value, and we post a NADA price on our windows so you can compare. We don’t mark up our vehicles in hopes of winning a negotiation battle. We want you to know we care more about getting you into the right vehicle than making you talk us into a fair price.

3. Unlike at other dealerships, we are a family owned and operated dealer. You do not have to worry about feeling pressured during your buying experience, because we are focused on you. Our goals are to put you into the best car for your wants and needs, and to provide you with a superior customer service experience.

4. Transparency and honesty are a huge priority at Sweetapple Motors. We fully disclose the histories of our vehicles, including any accident history, service records, number of prior owners and more. You can view all of this with our Free Autocheck report before you visit the dealership. Sometimes no surprises is a good thing.

5. You might not believe our vehicles are pre-owned – until you look at the prices. Each vehicle is detailed and washed to guarantee that you feel like the first owner. And, each vehicle undergoes a thorough inspection so you know we have fixed any serious issues with the vehicle before it is even put up for sale.